Hi, I am Christina MacMeeken.

If you liked Harry Potter before it was cool, always sing too loud in the car, and would happily eat tacos every day for the rest of your life, we should talk because we just might end up besties. I am a passionate, people-loving, extrovert who cares far too much what other people think. I love to bake but not clean up the dishes, paint even though I’m terrible at it, and photograph the most precious moments in peoples lives! While my baking is generally half done with dishes left in the sink and my painting is less than mediocre, photography is where I pour my heart and soul and give everything I am while capturing your family. Shoot me a message, I’m always down to chat!

Meet the other half of One Love, Will MacMeeken.

Will is the guy with the eye. No really, he’s got that mind blowing way of seeing exactly what I see but…cooler. He is a man of few words but instead prefers to step back and watch. Don’t be fooled by his introverted exterior though…he is an absolute HOOT when he does open up. He’s is a killer cook in the kitchen, a loving and compassionate father, and {lucky for me} my husband, and business partner.



“I booked One Love Photography for boudoir, bridal, and wedding photography, and was NOT disappointed! She is excellent at posing the awkwardest of humans, is kind and accepting of all walks of life, and loves LOVE! Her and Will were very time efficient on wedding day, and were able to cover a lot of ground! Christina is the epitome of doing what you’re meant to do in life.”