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Video Credit: Justin Romyen with Red Creative Films

When I was first studying photojournalism, I dreamed about traveling the world and capturing life as it is in it's raw, authentic, and not-always-beautiful form and telling the story of those I came in contact with though my photography. Think National Geographic and 3rd world country type content. After my internship with Yahoo! Sports, I realized just how fun it was to tell the stories of the things happening right here around me every day! Now, I am able to work side by side with my husband, Will, and capture the happiest moments in peoples lives!

While I'm great at capturing emotion, Will is amazing at seeing everything I see but.....with a cooler artistic edge. He loves to sit back and really watch a couples personality and dynamics so that he can capture your journey through life with a true yet dramatic flair.

Whether we are capturing your big day in Texas, USA or abroad, our goal as a husband and wife photography team is to give you a final gallery that has you reliving those precious moments that fly by so fast over and over for a lifetime to come.

Giving you a pause button in time is the greatest honor we could be given.

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Video Credit: Justin Romyen with Red Creative Films