So you're surrounded by family and friends who are watching you say "I Do" to your best friend....

...and you have carefully selected a list of people you and your forever partner want to have by your side as you make this lifelong commitment. Each and every person there holds a special place in you and your family's heart so naturally you are going to want a picture with as many people as possible to document the big day!

Figuring out how to go about capturing each of those special people while still prioritizing couples portraits, bridal party photos, AND having you back to your reception to eat and party the night away as quickly as possible can seem daunting. But YOU'VE GOT THIS and we are here to help!

Bride and Grooms Family Hills of Luella Sherman Texas Texoma Wedding Missouri STL Wedding  DFW North Texas Wedding Photo
Bride and Groom Family Hills of Luella Sherman Texas Texoma Wedding Missouri STL Wedding  DFW North Texas Wedding Photo

So what exactly are formal family photos??

These formal portraits are typically of your CLOSEST family members which are generally captured directly after your ceremony at the alter, ceremony site, or a grassy spot close by.

And....who is in them? ALL of my family. Right??

TYPICALLY these portraits include family members like parents, siblings (and their significant others and kiddos), and grandparents. We also recommend grabbing a shot with your officiant at this time also because they often have to leave directly after for another event or church function. Generally we recommend keeping a maximum of 15 groupings during this family photo portion and allot approximately 15 minutes to get this all done.

I really don't want anyone to feel left out!

Not to worry!! We know your guests are all special to you and we want to make sure to capture each of those moments you would like! Photos with aunts, uncles, cousins and work associates are generally captured in a more relaxed and candid style at the reception. If you prefer a more "formal" look, we can often pose them near the dance floor, fireplace, staircase or accent wall before everyone really gets to dancing. Getting you guys done with photos after the ceremony and to your reception is a huge priority because NO ONE wants hangry guests!

So, how do we do this efficiently?

Designate a bold and outspoken person (maid of honor, sister, etc) who is familiar with your family members and can help us make sure no one runs off for a quick bathroom break or to snag a beer before we finish photos. The quicker we get those done for you, the quicker they can just kick back, relax, and have a great time at your reception!

Is there a specific order you recommend in doing them in or does it not really matter?

I generally recommend starting with capturing the photo of your and your officiant. From there, family groupings typically look something like this:

  1. Both of your grandparents together
  2. Your grandparents only
  3. Your partners grandparents only
  4. Your siblings
  5. Your parents
  6. Your parents and siblings
  7. Your parents, siblings, and their significant others/children
  8. Your partners siblings
  9. Your partners parents
  10. Your partners parents and siblings
  11. Your partners parents, siblings, and their significant others/children